Introducing – Ram

P1030188In the next few weeks there will be some new characters in the Off the Edge Show.  Let me introduce you to one of them.  His name is Ram.  In case it has escaped your notice, he is a lifesize (if not larger) sculpture of a male sheep, he has a rather mischevious glint in his eye and is generally rather wonderful.  Ram was adopted by Odette Bodette and brought back to North Devon for a life of love and the ocassional oiling.  He resides in the front garden of Mrs B’s new home, “Waite ‘n Sea”, with little to enhance his burnished flanks but a carpet of weed, a grisellina hedge and a hydrangea.  My job is to create a seaside garden for the lady’s delectation.  As Ram has been concreted into place (to avoid liberation by local rustlers) we will have to design and build this garden around him.  Imagine him as a salt marsh lamb, grazing on samphire and sea kale.  There is a fair way to travel before his new pasture is complete, but I am full of optimism and ideas.  Of course I will not improving Ram’s environment on my own, you will be pleased to hear that none other than Superbaz will be in charge of hard landscaping.  It promises to be very interesting ……

5 thoughts on “Introducing – Ram

  1. I do have the feeling that we’ll get very familiar with Ram 😉 in the near future. So exciting, a clean, ‘green’ sheet to begin a new project!


  2. I have to admit that Ram is a pretty cool looking guy and he certainly does have a wee glint in his eye!

    When will Ram’s new garden be ready? I look forward to seeing the pictures as the garden is developed 🙂


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