P1030322 (2)You know you are onto a good thing when your esteemed client comes into the garden to greet you with a steaming hot cup of coffee.  It is pouring with rain and not only is she wearing a natty pair of pink patterned wellies she is carrying a (broken) Peppa Pig umbrella over her head.  Pure class.  She tried to convince me the umbrella belongs to her daughter but I am not convinced. Luckily for me, bearing in mind the “heavy showers” that were in danger of ganging up to become “persistent rain”, I spent the majority of the morning inside their greenhouse pruning a delinquent grape vine.  This involved a little free climbing, many trips to the compost heap, a lot of bravery and no whoops’.  In my experience “whoops” is not a word to be used when either pruning or cutting hair, although in the past I have said it on both occasions!

10 thoughts on “Dotty

  1. Yes, the coffee is definitely a sign that you are appreciated. Do you get the TV series “The Big Bang Theory” over there? One episode has a funny bit where Penny has just given Sheldon a haircut and is running an electric razor over the back of his neck. This tickles him and he giggles, causing the razor to run a path right up the back of his head. Penny doesn’t say ‘whoops’–she just lets him go like that. Perhaps not ‘pure class’ but rather ‘good fun’.

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      • It’s only a half hour show and we always get some laughs out of it, especially since we’ve come to know the characters. I don’t watch much TV, as I always have a stack of library books at the ready, but this is one show I do enjoy.


  2. -I cut Dr. Advice’s hair ( a fast 5 min. tops) and we get the Big Bang, but we haven’t seen it. I’ll give it a look.

    The path up the head reminded me of the year a grandson had the barber carve his school’s initials in the back of his head before a big water polo game

    A former client used to bring me pancakes each time I showed up to trim his window. We stuffed them into our purses as soon as he left, but it was a kind gesture.


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