P1030398Today I spent an interesting seven hours in the driving wind and rain hard-pruning a stand of oversized hydrangeas and fuchsias.  If I didn’t know any better I would say these shrubs had been mainlining steroids.  Looking my glamorous best in full waterproof attire with mud streaked visage and singing a medlay of christmas carols (generally only the first line, dum di dums and improvisation for the rest) I enjoyed myself in a rather masochistic way.  I discovered this tiny nest close to the top of one of the fuchsia mammoths, about 3m high but attached so firmly that not even a North Devon gale could shift it.  A little googling has led me to believe it could have been the summer nursery for a chaffinch family.  As the Discover Wildlife website describes “Decorated externally with lichens and cobwebs and lined with hair.”  So beautiful, the jewel in the crown.  I wonder whose hair they used?  Do you think that might be George’s shade?  I proudly took my find to George’s mum who tried to look pleased that I had brought her a stick.  I suggested that she should practice her “that’s a rubbish present but I am going to pretend I like it” look before Christmas.  In GM’s defence she hadn’t actually noticed the delicate little house nestled amongst the rather large twig that I was thrusting towards her.  In the end she was as charmed as I was.  Either that or “The Look” had been quickly perfected!

11 thoughts on “Jewel

  1. It’s beautiful Gill, almost perfection. I only wish I could sing a carol at the moment – the best I can manage is the frog chorus, the verse replaced by a hacking cough! Merry Christmas to you – I hope you have a fantastic break X


  2. Oh that’s gorgeous. We once had a thrush build a beautiful nest in our viburnum where she laid three perfect eggs, which she then unfortunately abandoned. It was completely lined with used but carefully shredded cigarette butts!
    Have a great Christmas:)


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