P1030403 (2)Yesterday, after a week of rain and gales, it was a pleasant change to experience some winter sunshine at Lavinia and Lionel’s.  The day was especially important as it was one of those milestones that we invent for ourselves but all the same are of consequence; it was my last day of work before Christmas.  For the record it turned out to be a very satisfying day.  It saw the completion (!) of Phase One of what will hopefully come to be known as The Grass Border and those plump alliums were planted before they shooted and shrivelled.*  The two L’s then fed and watered their grateful gardener in a way I don’t deserve (always a sucker for a muffin!) before I set off on my merry way.  There had been a couple of sharp showers but this small hardship was rewarded by a clear, bright and optimistic rainbow.  This ceratostigma seed head was looking fittingly seasonal in the low light and the acrobatic goldfinches will enjoy these tasty morsels if ever their fast-food station goes dry.  In the meantime we can enjoy their burnished beauty.

Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year to you and yours.  May the world be a better place in 2015 and may we do what we can to make it that way.  love xxx

*As is generally the case Phase Two will follow Phase One .  When this will be and what it will entail is classified information.

15 thoughts on “Ceratostigma

  1. I hope your next gardening season will be as bright as today! I wish you a great holiday and a joyous Christmas! Peace, love, happiness!


  2. Your blog makes the world a better place, please keep it up. All good wishes for Christmas and 2015, may all of us gardeners have just the right amount of rain and sunshine. As for alliums – oops! – mine need planting and the first job I will do when I get back after Christmas. Thank you, have a good one.


  3. It’s a lovely photo. I echo your hopes for 2015. A Happy New year!
    About Tree Following – I know you are no longer following the medlar but it feels odd to take you from the list. So . . . for the moment – I’ve changed the link against your name to this blog so people can still find you from the list. If you decide you won’t be following a tree this year I will, of course, remove the link. I don’t want to press you into something – but nor would we like to miss you!


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