Let’s Get Going!

P1030423 (2)I don’t bother with New Year’s Eve these days.  Gone are the wild parties of my disaffected youth, the conga has drawn to a halt, there is no more kissing of strangers or midnight choirs, just a glass of pseudo champers and an early night.  Do I sound like a champion party pooper?  The truth is that I am just eager for the new year to begin.  After the black hole (albeit a pleasant one) of pre-Christmas, real Christmas, post-Christmas and “anyone any idea what day it is?”mas I am eager to get going with this 2015 malarkey.  Ready to experience all those adventures lurking around the corner.  Ready to face whatever challenges this new year will bring.  So today, on the first day of 2015, I wish you the same as I wish myself – may we get what we deserve and may we deserve what we get.  Be brave and kind and a bit daft, listen to others, notice the small things.  And when things go wrong, as they undoubtedly will, I wish you strength and humour and a good friend to share the burden.  Oh, and most importantly, whenever possible fit in a sneaky cartwheel.  Happy New Year!

19 thoughts on “Let’s Get Going!

  1. I’ll drink (tea!) to that! Well, except for the cartwheel bit – never did get the hang of those! Happy New Year! 2015, here we come…….


  2. Well said missus….my thoughts exactly..after nearly a week of not really being outside I’m itching to get going!! Happy New year to you and him indoors. See you soon I hope xx


  3. I’ m with you on that. Early to bed with a nice cup of tea is our New Year’ s Eve lately. It’ a pity about the Conga though.
    Anyway, thank you and I wish all good things to you too for 2015.
    I never did get the hang of cartwheeling or handstands. But I can do the tree in yoga. Will that do?


  4. Happy New Year to the two of you, I hope it turns out to be as interesting as you expect.
    BTW my green bin is already full but cartwheels-forget it.


  5. Although I couldn’t stay up past midnight on New Year’s Eve and cartwheels are a thing of the past, I can certainly be a little daft! Thanks for your enjoyable posts–I look forward to following your garden adventures in 2015.


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