Fair to Middling

IMG_0125 (2)Not every day is an adventure.  Some days are just fine; not wonderful, not dreadful, but fair to middling.  They are comfortable but not glamorous, like your favourite winceyette pajamas.  They are days to ease through, to gently wallow in.  Today was a day like that.  The sun shone and the sky was blue but I worked mainly in the shade.  I was never unduly cold or hot.  Although of course I worked very hard there were no daunting tasks or pressure projects.  My horticultural excellence didn’t shine, nor did it dramatically fail.  My lunchtime sandwich was a little stale but the peanut butter cookies and chocolate biscuits donated by my esteemed clients redressed the balance.  My commute on the country lanes was uneventful, I just avoided (not literally) the beer delivery lorry but met a tractor at a wide spot in the road.   So today if you want tales of adventure you will have to go elsewhere.  Me?  Well I was very happy for the fact.

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