IMG_0138 (2)It is always heartening to find wildlife in the garden.  It seems like an affirmation, confirming that we are doing something right.  Although I have no documentary evidence, I would guess that wildlife rarely thinks “I love to see a human in my backyard”.  We are generally stomping around like big unfriendly giants with no regard for anything else, destroying habitats and homes.  This was the second toad sighting at the farm today.  George’s mum found the first one in front of the house this morning (the screams were heard in Barnstaple) and a well-known superhero duly relocated it.  Obviously it was her lucky toad day as she then found a second one beneath a large piece of slate outside one of the cottages.  This vaguely heavy object (you should have heard the fuss) was being shifted by the aforementioned superhero and an unsuspecting passing decorator pressganged on route to paint the cills.  It did cross my mind it was the same warty chap (the toad not the painter) who had found a new resting place, resting his ears and perhaps doing a little yoga to get over his earlier disturbance.  As he looked a little peeved I decided it was best not to attempt a kiss.  Mind you I’m not sure toads turn into princes, I wouldn’t want to risk getting an earl or even worse a baronet!

11 thoughts on “Peeved

  1. I have had a terracotta toad house (very simple, no Victorian gingerbread or anything like that, lol) in my garden for the last few years, in hopes that one might stop by and decide to stay – but no luck. We have plenty of slugs and spiders though!


  2. It’s interesting to contemplate how wild creatures feel about human beings. I often save lizards from awkward situations, but even the rescue must be traumatic for these little beings. I’ve noticed they turn colour when I pick them up, getting bright green instead of grey green. Your toad photos are a treat, though!


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