Keep Calm

IMG_0498 (2)For the gardening community this is the busiest time of year.  What exacerbates these hectic days is that there is no gradual lead-in to the chaos.  Much of the garden has been snoozing for the winter months and all at once, without any gentle stretching or leisurely breakfast, spring is up and running and half way down the road.  If we are not very careful we can be left behind in its wake, spinning round like a cartoon character.  Things are going off left, right and centre, weeds are popping up at an alarming rate and all those jobs you meant to get done before growth started are mocking you.  It is difficult to know quite where to begin, our minds become panicky and clouded with chores.  So, just for a moment, let yourself become lost in the cool and calming lime green flowers of this euphorbia.  Then come on, shake a leg, get moving, or you will never catch up!

14 thoughts on “Keep Calm

  1. Thank you for the reminder. Or much needed kick up the proverbial.
    The greenhouse is overflowing and I am failing miserably to keep up. But it’s oh so dry on my clay soil. It is keeping the weeds down at any rate. Even the bittercress is shrivelling..


    • Glad to be of service! The greenhouse stuff is never ending this time of year isn’t, especially as we always over ambitious and sow too much. Hey ho, it will be exactly the same next year, enjoy your day 🙂


  2. Oh, can I ever relate! I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday: “Aaack, when will I find the time and muscle power to do everything??” It feels like zero-to-sixty within a space of less than a week, and my legs and lower back have just today recovered from the one and only first-of-the-season once-over that I did 10 days ago!


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