Six on Saturday – Happy Landings

The day finally arrived. Who would have thought it? On Wednesday the removal men carted most of our belongings to storage, all but the bare essentials to tied us over. Yesterday we loaded the charabanc to the rafters, every single item apparently crucial, and off we tootled to the land of TJ, MB, SB and JK. Today will be the first, hopefully, of many Welsh Six on Saturday’s. We are currently camping out with Peggy, until we find a house of our own, so all these flowers are from her garden. Like a returning student daughter I brought a bag of dirty washing with me. We are very pleased to be here, but it has been a long week and exhausting both emotionally and physically. Therefore, this will possibly be short, but hopefully will be sweet. Just like me. Pop on over to The Prop to find out what is in with the horti in-crowd. Shall we proceed?

First we have a Choisya x dewitteana ‘Aztec Pearl’. I remember buying this at the local garden centre. It is lovely but outgrown its space. The area where it flourishes at the moment apparently wants to be dug out and replanted with so it is full of colour. Not sure where Peggy is going to find a gardener to sort that out.

There are plenty of weeds, that is true, but this dandelion is looking very pretty. Not so keen about the horsetail that seems to have appeared.

Then a cistus which is long and leggy in the shady front of the house. Not an ideal place but it is valiantly flowering.

Onto the charming (and unplanned) partnership of persicaria and Euonymus fortunii.

Then a rogue euphorbia, surreptitiously spreading at the back of the border. Still, the flowers are bizarrely beautiful.

Finally, this aquilegia was here to welcome us when we arrived. A reminder that wherever you lay your granny’s bonnet that’s your home.

We are done! Take care my friends. Now where did I pack that cement mixer?

Six on Saturday – Santa’s Selection

Salvia leucantha 'Midnight'

Welcome to my festive Six on Saturday, a meme nurtured by our own horticultural elf, Mr P.

Actually, using the word “festive” is about as seasonal as this blog is going to get.  There will be no mistletoe or holly, carols or mince pies, in fact it is singularly unfestive.  Don’t get me wrong, I love love love Christmas.  I am saving all my glitter and magic for tomorrow (she boldly says) (you may  be disappointed, don’t expect The Sound of Music).

Anyway, here goes.  My first is a rather soggy Salvia leucantha ‘Midnight’ which is cosied up close to the kitchen door, along with a few others of the chosen few.  Not at its best, but who can complain about a December bloom?


Next we have a pathetic example of alpine gardening.  The intent was good, but the neglect surpassed it. The pebbles are rather attractive though, so if I were you I would concentrate on them.


Now the brugmansia bud from last week, fully unfurled.  Silly, but in a good way.

Salvia confertifolia

Another battered salvia is next, this time Salvia confertifolia, bravely soldiering on.


An apricot wallflower, practising for the spring.


Lastly a waxy euphorbia, clutching at raindrops.

Thanks Mr P, and many happy seasons greeting to you and the SoS gang.

Keep Calm

IMG_0498 (2)For the gardening community this is the busiest time of year.  What exacerbates these hectic days is that there is no gradual lead-in to the chaos.  Much of the garden has been snoozing for the winter months and all at once, without any gentle stretching or leisurely breakfast, spring is up and running and half way down the road.  If we are not very careful we can be left behind in its wake, spinning round like a cartoon character.  Things are going off left, right and centre, weeds are popping up at an alarming rate and all those jobs you meant to get done before growth started are mocking you.  It is difficult to know quite where to begin, our minds become panicky and clouded with chores.  So, just for a moment, let yourself become lost in the cool and calming lime green flowers of this euphorbia.  Then come on, shake a leg, get moving, or you will never catch up!