Slow Roast

IMG_0924 (2)Today was the first time this year to be “I wonder if there is a job in the shade?” hot.  There wasn’t and it was a slow roast.  Never mind, Lavinia kindly supplied Mexican Lime cordial, which was greatly received and knocked back in a manner more docker than dame, and I made a note to look out my straw hat in case the occasion should rise again.  Planting out cosmos, cornflowers and calendula was a joy, even more so seeing the blue tits flit in and out of the bird box. Last year it was inhabited by bees and to the best of Lionel’s knowledge is still full of honey.   Two wing beats to a bird table, these tiny avians have certainly taken up a “des res”.  This iris, which more than likely is Iris unguicularis, was enjoying the unscheduled heat after a chilly night.  As it originates in Algeria, this blazing sun must have come as a welcome relief from the usual North Devon mizzle.  Back to normal tomorrow I believe!

15 thoughts on “Slow Roast

  1. Yes, rain tomorrow. I’ve got cosmos and cornflowers to plant out but I’m terrified for them. They look so delicate and this year’s mollusc contingent seem bigger than ever. How do you protect them?


    • Well have tried a new thing at Lavinias – coffee grounds. Read somewhere that they work really well, only time will tell. Usually its Growing Success slug pelletw, approved by Soil Association so everything friendly except slugs and snails. Not 100% but good enough. Good luck with yours.


  2. Well here the wind has never stopped even on a nice day it’s windy…it gets on your nerves ….enjoy the heat keep your hat on ( says a lady who won’t wear one )…


  3. Beautiful iris. Pouring with rain this morning so back to normal for Devon, I wish I had planted out loads of pea seedlings yesterday but TT retreated to the shade- they would have been well watered in by now, and probably slug lunch as well!


  4. Gorgeous flower. I’ve worked out all week weeding and moving. Do gardeners ever get plants in the right place? 🙂 It is really dry here and we really need some rain but only have a couple of chances for some sprinkles over the weekend. It’s in the 70’s here but I promised after our winter I wouldn’t complain about the heat. 🙂


  5. We had two very unseasonably hot days here as well this week: Monday and Tuesday were in the mid to high 80sF which is a good twenty degrees hotter than normal. I was weeding in a sleeveless top those days but had to go back indoors for a sweater doing the same job yesterday… Very odd.


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