Missed Again

IMG_0918 (2)I took some great photos at The Farm yesterday.  Buttercup yellow laburnum flowers cascading from skinny branches, revelling in their deliciously noxious reputation.  A mallard drake with his head barely above the plantain and grasses in a burgeoning meadow.  The Rasta lambs, now less shy and more photographically amenable, posing delightfully in the paddock enjoying the post-deluge sunshine.  A monstrous hosta, still unscathed.  Evidence of bunny activity.  A fallen quince tree.  Three half barrels in decreasing sizes planted up with bedding, brightening a dull corner.  Spanking new plants in their new homes.  Public enemy No. 1, a particularly wilful and malicious chicken, who has been digging up these newly planted specimens and doesn’t even have the good grace to wait until I have left the area.  Throughout the rain and the accompanying mud I wrestled with waterproofs and juggled my poor abused camera to take these award-winning shots.  All for your delectation.  On arriving home I found my camera memory card still inserted into my laptop.  Oops! Here is a lovely lilac from earlier in the week, it will have to suffice.

19 thoughts on “Missed Again

  1. I did that at my sister’s wedding (a long time ago, in the days when you could take photos without a film in the camera- remember those?). Nice to know it’s still possible in this digital age and that other people do it too! Good luck with the next time.


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