Slasher Sid

IMG_1144 (2)

A Play in One Scene

Me:  Hello Slasher would you please strim this area, the shrubs are obvious, the only things you have to avoid are these three plants (points to healthy Rudbeckia fulgida specimens that have  previously shrugged off attempts by the Easter bunny, Clara Cluck, a JCB and tree surgeon to do them harm).

Slasher Sid:  No problem, I will do that straight away.  Do not fear, your precious plants are safe with me.

Short Interlude

Mrs George (laughing in a totally inappropriate manner):  Has Slasher spoken to you yet?  He has strimmed the plants you asked him to avoid.

Me:  Oh dear, that is a shame.

Sound of wailing and gnashing of teeth as the horticultural ambulance approaches to take the victims to intensive care.

The End


12 thoughts on “Slasher Sid

  1. So funny! Slasher sounds like my son, who when I’ve asked him to help me, inevitably prunes the wrong thing(s). His excuse is that he’s color blind with green, but I’m not buying it!

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