Added Bonus

IMG_1169 (2)Today we had a Prunefest at  Lionel and Lavinia’s.  Camelias and azalias, forsythia and flowering currant were all under the knife, secateurs, pruners and saw.  A parade of green bins were filled, begged and borrowed from neighbours, and Lionel did his famous stomp to ensure not even one more leaf would fit in to the cavernous containers.  It was a fruitful and rewarding day and what is more I didn’t say “oops” once.  This controlled chopping was only halted by some heavy North Devon mizzle, fleeting but penetrating.  All the while we worked we were blessed by the scent of a philadelphus that had nipped over the fence from next door.  It is good to share.

6 thoughts on “Added Bonus

  1. im a bit rubbish at pruning…. my Chap only usually lets me lose with plants that need chopping down to a foot or so in the autumn or where a stray branch is getting in the way… it’s a good thing he’s more expert than me 🙂 i do the tidying up though


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