IMG_3899 (2)Really, truly, can you do much better than a cornflower?  It is blue in the best possible way, tough as boot leather but supremely delicate, reliable as a pimple before a hot date but never tedious, fits in well with everyone in the border but stands alone as a special one.  If one flower could shout “summer is here let’s eat ice cream!” then this is undoubtedly would be the one.  All hale the cornflower, Long may they bloom!

8 thoughts on “Cornflower

  1. Your post has suddenly made me realize that my current garden (for which I bear no responsibility regarding the presence of the denizens thereof!) has only ONE blue-flowered plant (a hydrangea) and as luck would have it, it’s in a location completely invisible from the house, and from most of the garden. Blue has always been my favorite flower color… no wonder that I’ve been so moody here without it! (awful pun, I know, but at the moment I’m listing to a Justin Hayward CD so perhaps I can be forgiven, LOL)


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