Not Just Another Buddleja

IMG_3890 (2)Since I began my journey on the freelance highway (posh way to say I became a jobbing gardener) in November I have often been gardening blind.  The gardens were in winter shut-down and I had to depend on the memory of owners as to what was what and where was where.  More often than not this knowledge consisted of  “I think it is blue” or “I don’t remember anything being there” or “there may be something really important in that general direction”.  Now that most of the sleepers have awakened it has been a joy to discover what “that old stick” really is and who the bunch of roots that I dug up and replanted belonged to.  I was overjoyed to discover that at the Farm they have Buddleja globosa.  Definitely not just another buddleja.

6 thoughts on “Not Just Another Buddleja

  1. I am fascinated by the yellow buddleias. There is a yellow one here but the shrub was in pathetic shape when I bought the place…. lanky and scraggy, so I hacked it back to about 12”. It hasn’t bloomed since, so perhaps I mortally offended it, LOL. It’s not B. globosa, though; the flower spikes were the typical B. davidii shape, though not nearly as long or dense, and the yellow was fairly pale. Possibly B. x weyeriana ‘Honeycomb’, I think. The leaves seem larger than B. davidii as well.


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