Sid and Elsie

IMG_0281 (2)In an attempt to a) educate b) improve my client’s enjoyment of the garden c) retain my position of power by instigating fear and dread, I have decided to impose identification tests for some of my newbies.  As soon as any plant is noticed, mentioned, commented upon I tell them the name, they repeat after me and we try to work out a way to remember it.  There are two problems with this regime which I have yet to confess: 1.  my pronunciation is often experimental,  2.  sometimes I make things up.   Who cares?  This week the specimen chosen by and for Mrs G is Sidalcea “Party Girl”.  From now on this beautiful North American mallow will be known as Sid and Elsie, let’s party.   I have a funny feeling we will all be remembering this one.

11 thoughts on “Sid and Elsie

  1. My favorite, which we got from the Rogersia Queen, is Lies & Hysteria for Lycesteria. Trouble is I have no trouble remembering the reminder, but not the word it is supposed to remind me of – if I remember right, that is.


      • We will have to see. It’s all very tense. My tomatoes have been very slow to ripen this year. Planted them earlier than last year, but they are still well behind. On the other hand the fuchsias have suddenly rushed into flower and I am afraid they will have lost a lot of them by the time the show happens. Peppers got eaten by some critter or other and the aubergines have only just flowered. Just hope my photos and M’s cooking comes up to muster.
        (Note to other readers, we refer to the village flower show, which is on 30th July. It has been an annual event for the best part of 85 years so we have to keep the tradition going)


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