IMG_0287 (2)Above is one of the new borders created this year at The Farm.  It is a large triangle situated at the entrance, the “hello look how wonderful and exciting we are” spot.  Up until last autumn it contained a half dead tree of unknown identity, a manky palm and the obligatory mophead hydrangea. All were removed; pronto, forthwith, without delay. The ground was dug over, various bits of bailer twine and agricultural ephemera removed and spent mushroom compost dug in. From the moment the first replacement plant went in there has been an ongoing battle raging between us (the goodies) against the twin evil nations of the Zombie Rabbits and Hell’s Chickens (the baddies).  Each week I return to this spot and pick up the plants they have scraped out of the ground and left to die or the shredded leaves they can’t be bothered to eat but have caused the demise of the young specimen.  My shoulders drop a little, a few tears drop, then I mobilise the backups (cannon fodder) and we start all over again.  So, at the risk of tempting that darned harpy Fate, I would just like to say that all things considered, it is looking pretty good at the moment, perhaps we are winning.  All this has been done incredibly cheaply growing from seed, using plug plants bulked up in the greenhouse and other such bargains. There you are, I have blown my own trumpet. Upwards and onwards!

12 thoughts on “Trumpet

  1. ‘Blooming marvellous’ on a budget and despite the baddies! I hope the rain today has helped and not hindered. And where, might I respectfully enquire, do you obtain your spent mushroom compost?


  2. Zombie Rabbits and Hell’s Chickens…LOL… someone should design an iPad game with those names. Or maybe Zombie Rabbits vs. Hell’s Chickens? Your triangle border does look great though, despite their depredations. 🙂


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