Flying Ant and other Stories

IMG_0440On balance it was a very good day at Lionel and Lucinda’s.  A day of many parts.  It was Flying Ant Day; a curious and slightly sinister version of Formicidae relocation.  It was a Day of Welcome Gifts, of cut and come again and rocket, of home-made mackerel pate and elderflower cordial.  On the downside it was a Dig up a Truck Load of Crocosmia in the Vain Hope you will get Rid of Them Day and a Swelter in the Unexpected Summer Weather Day.  Far outweighing the hard slog was  the Fall in Love all Over Again with Cosmos from Cerise through Pictoee to Virgin White Day.  All in all there are no complaints.

6 thoughts on “Flying Ant and other Stories

  1. I grew some wonderful Cosmos in my very first garden. Is it just me, or are they coming up with hybrids that aren’t nearly as nice as the original?

    I’m still giggling about “Dig up a Truckload of Crocosmia…” 🙂


    • Been sorry to hear about all the fires, hope they are not too close to you. Flying Ant Day is the day when ants get wings and fly off to form new colonies, then the wings fall off and they get building. Happens when the weather is clement, often hot and humid, so FAD could be different in different places.


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