Not a Carrot

IMG_0474Today was a classic summer’s day, a cliché almost.  Wall to wall sunshine, a warm but gentle breeze, a sky unsullied by clouds.  Apart from quick drying washing and an evening barbecue, this unusual occurrence was not taken advantage of.  It was not a working day and I had things to do that did not involve gardening, I needed to work indoors.  I am not a domestic goddess.  I do not make jam or marmalade, I once made chutney but as I don’t like chutney this was not a great success.  Pickled onions and shallots are a thing of the past.  If the locusts (locals) have left some fruit I will make sloe gin.  I bake only on occasion, my flower arranging technique is “bung them in”, there are no Christmas garlands or sun-dried herbs.  However I am a demon at making rosemary oil.   For those of you interested my method is as follows:

  • First pick a load of rosemary.
  • Beat it into submission with a rolling pin and stuff it into a container of your choice.  I use a spaghetti jar, quite why there is one of these in our house I have no idea, but at least this makes good use of it.
  • Push similarly whacked cloves of garlic and a couple of chillies (yes I know it looks like a carrot) into the jar.
  • Pour in enough oil to cover.  The profession DG’s would say use “bland” oil but I find that an insulting description.  I would prefer to say it is best not to use the highly flavoured ones such as olive.  It is however your party, use whatever you like.  Today I used a mix of sunflower and rape seed.
  • Stand back and admire your handiwork.
  • Every day or, more realistically when you remember, give it a shake and after a couple of weeks it is ready.
  • Strain off the gunky stuff and bottle up.
  • Use to it to cook your roast potatoes in and you will thank me for ever more.

12 thoughts on “Not a Carrot

  1. I’m going to try this, thanks, but it doesn’t look as if you’ve bashed your rosemary and garlic at all! I thought you said beat it into submission. Are you getting wimpy in your old age?


      1. I’ve already started my training, I’m using red elastic bands to begin with and working up to those thick brown ones the postman leaves down our path. You’ve been warned:)


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