IMG_0508“When we were out today we bought some plants!” “Horror!  The bloomin’ cheek of it, anyone would think it was your garden, who told you that could you go out unaccompanied and buy just anything willy nilly.  I hope you got something decent, if it is forsythia or cotoneaster I will faint.”  “We have planted everything we bought” “Well that will be another job for me, rearranging and replanting and trying to make the best of clumsy and clashing work, too close, too deep, too far apart, not deep enough …..” “Come and see the new plants.” “Deep breath – oxalis, pulmonaria, brunnera, all placed perfectly with an artist’s eye and with care and attention.  By golly someone taught you well!”  Two gold stars on the chart for Lord and Lady Mantle, they done good.

4 thoughts on “Cheek

  1. Is this lovely plant Oxalis triangularis ‘Cupido’? If so, is it hardy? Mine has lived on the bathroom windowsill for the past 10 years but may wish to be relocated outdoors if it will survive the winter.


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