Municipal Magic

IMG_0543Municipal planting is often derided as out-dated and starchy, almost laughable, at least sniggerable.  Today I would like to stick my head above the horticultural parapet and fight the provisional park’s corner.  Taking a short cut through Runnymede Gardens in Ilfracombe this morning, I was taken back by the beauty and vibrancy of the borders and beds.  And I was not alone.   I was thrilled to watch visitors marvel at the gleaming treats and examine the blooms from near and far alike, much as you would in a Botanic Garden. So what I would say to the doubters is “get your fashion blinkers off and take a gander at this lot”.

IMG_0555This is a tricky time of the year.  Planting schemes are often worn out after half a summer of copious flowering and gaps are plugged with pots or something from the substitutes bench.  These however are still going strong, they have coped with early drought, torrential downpours and wicked winds, not to mention the worse menace of them all, the public. Individually and en masse, they are magnificent, a testament to great design and careful and knowledgeable maintenance.

And as for the bandstand ………


10 thoughts on “Municipal Magic

  1. I love a bit of riotous municipal planting me! So much better than the alternatives which = ‘meadow’ (by now brown and scalped), Euro-prairie, Lonicera pileata or, worse still, no planting at all. When done well (as in Ilfracombe, Sidmouth and many other towns and villages) it is wonderful to behold and a sign that someone still cares.


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