IMG_0572It was my first day at a new job today, which is always a little scary.  It is one I have talked about previously, you may remember, the one with all the exotic plants and a puppy called Max.  For some reason I was more nervous than usual and couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  Perhaps it was fear of the unknown, or fear of failure, but more likely it was the abject terror of negotiating the hairpin turn and vertiginous drive.  So when the approach was mastered, albeit in an inappropriate gear (will do better next time), I felt a little better.  As I reach the house I noticed a shining white sail in the garden behind.  I was grandly welcomed by the gorgeous Max, who ensured I was fed, watered and looked after for the whole day (which I might add was as glorious as a cliché summers day).  What is more, my introduction to this lovely garden was working beneath this beautiful eucryphia, the alabaster sheet spotted earlier, where I was serenaded by an avian choir.  I really had no reason to be worried.

14 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Hairpin bend and vertiginous drive? Have you found another garden on a slope? I think you have no need to be fearful of failure, I have seen your green fingers at work!


  2. Do you even do flat gardens Gill? You would find both of ours terribly boring as they have no terrifying approach, no gradient and indeed no drive! I love eucryphia, and as I recall Max is quite adorable too, so it seems you have landed on your feet again 🙂


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