The Wanderer Returns

IMG_1131What can I say? It was a wonderful weekend away from The Shire.  I am still recovering.  For this reason words are in short supply.  A precis of my adventures using photographs to illustrate each event will follow.

With Hero I shopped.  This delphinium was admired but passed by in favour of the ever-shifting sales area.


At Cannington Kate’s I collected seed from a lost label helenium, the colour of cinder toffee.


At the show we admired orderly exhibits,


curious creatures,


and glorious gladdies.


The morning after, in the not-so-early sunshine, myself and Hero wandered Mrs S’s dew-dipped garden in our PJ’s.


And with the Malvern Maid, well ……..

…… well with the Malvern Maid, I sipped champagne and we raised our glasses to friendship and flowers.  We were later joined by Mrs S and Hero who were similarly led astray, they didn’t need much persuasion!



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