Back at the Coal Face

IMG_1156After my recent debauched weekend, today I was back at the coal face.  How I suffered in the cosseting rays of the benign autumn sun.   With unremitting bravery I bore the hardships of garden gossip, planning the year ahead, collecting seed of aubergine hollyhocks, planting out hesperantha and gaura, shuffling out-of-place cistus and lobelia.  Then, to add insult to injury, I was expected to partake in freshly baked tea loaf smothered in creamy butter.  To be honest, if there was a medal for bravery in the face of great horticultural adversity, I deserve one.

7 thoughts on “Back at the Coal Face

  1. What horrors one has to contend with as a gardener!
    Love that you took a day to recover from your ‘holiday’!
    Any spare aubergine hollyhock seeds would be warmly welcomed up here! Delivery in person at the Spring Show quite acceptable.

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