IMG_1261Another physically demanding day at Max’s house.  The first task of the day was to relocate the contents of two large plastic compost bins full of bone-dry partially digested vegetation.  We then took turns in wheel barrowing this potential soil improver up the north face of the Eiger to the new composting area.   On my part there was much huffing and puffing on my journey upwards with the odd dramatic slip, slide and boot spin.  Undigested roots and twigs were sorted out to act as first class kindling on the bonfire at a later date.  I wondered why the trug never got full.  Then I realised that as I put the sticks in, helpful Max was taking them out again.

The second task was to dig up a chaenomeles.  Sounds simple.  In fact it turned out to be a monumental task involving spades, forks, trowels, pruning saw, mega choppers and an axe.  And two very able workers.   There were a few bad words but plenty of laughter and we ended the day with all body parts intact.   It was a puzzle and we solved it.  In the process we made a very big hole, or meteorite crater as we like to call it.  Max knew to stay well away.


12 thoughts on “Help

  1. Sounds like a fun day :))
    We have a very old Chaenomeles at out new place; I’ll show you the hole next year when we’ll dig it up.


  2. Oh, I have a big pile of undigested roots and twigs, too. One of these days I’m going to have to call the haulers. There’s nothing else for it. I sometimes think gardeners are a rather masochistic lot.


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