The Trial

IMG_1302As you can see the infamous Pasty Pinching Pony Posse are finally behind bars, which is just where they belong.  Earlier this week one of these marauding bandits went into Slasher Sean’s bag and helped themselves to his cheese and onion pasty.   To add insult to injury they then squashed his banana.  At the time SS was distracted, he was probably polishing his chainsaw, and only caught sight of the villains making a hasty retreat.  So who actually performed the dastardly deed?  Was it Pippy the Kid who raided the rucksack?  He may be babyfaced but it is reported that he led the great breakout of 2015.  Could it have been Wild Tiny Hickok?  Do not be fooled by his small stature and youthful good looks, he is a demon in minature.  Or perhaps it was the old timer Quickdraw McMuffin?  A master in deception, with years of experience in criminal activities.  The trial continues …….

17 thoughts on “The Trial

  1. I reckon it was the old timer, looks just the sort to lead the youngsters into bad ways! We had a similar experience down on the allotment, when we foolishly left our net bag of onion setts hanging on the fence post while we prepared the bed, only to see them being flung to all four corners of the field as ‘Big Joe’ went prancing off with his booty.


  2. Where are the probes that would incriminate them? They can only be incarcerated for 24 hours without proof of being guilty. I hereby declare them all non-guilty of the accusations and to be released immediately!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂


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