IMG_4361We have all been guilty of it.  We see a plant that we like, in fact it is love at first sight.  We must have it right away, now, without delay.  The only spanner in the works of this burgeoning affair of the hortie heart is that we can’t plant it out straight away.  There could be many reasons for this first hiccough in our relationship.  Perhaps we are off trekking across the Hindu Kush and can’t rearrange.  Maybe a total revamp of the garden has been planned and it can’t be used until the Japanese Tea House has been built.  Or maybe a little juggling needs to be done before it will actually fit anywhere.  So it stays in the pot.   It then gets shoved in a cosy corner for the winter with good intentions to give it our full attention in the spring.  In the spring it looks a little grim so we keep it in the pot for a little longer to recover.  Then one morning 20 years later, it has become a 3m tree.  Still in its pot.

22 thoughts on “Pot

  1. Hilarious.Yes I do recognise the horti condition though the Hindu Kush was never unfortunately a good excuse.Your piece really made me laugh.Thanks


  2. Yes, that’s me too. I have to own up to several offences I’m afraid.
    But our predecessor took things one stage further. At the bottom of the lawn we used to have a line of rhododendron bushes until I chopped them down to the ground on a mission to get more light into the garden. And what did I find? Each one of them had been planted in a pot. Not a big pot either.. the original nursery pot. I’m assuming ‘your’ tree, like ours, has bust through the bottom by now.


  3. Hindu Kush? Tea Houses? What wonderful excuses for something we have all been guilty of. Sheer idleness is the reason I have a huge wisteria scrambling through a holly although still in its pot. Mind you, this is the most extreme example I have ever seen. This one needs the Hindu Kush excuse.


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