IMG_4378This hydrangea head is possibly the most beautiful spent flower in the world.  Of course I am open to correction about this outrageous claim, but today at L&L’s it seemed that way.  My morning spent digging out a raspberry (and ground elder) bed was enhanced by the sight of its gloriously maturing blooms.  If Helen Mirren was a flower, then this would be her, confident in her ripe beauty.

Whilst remembering the forbidden fruit that I had sampled just a few weeks ago from these canes, I asked Lionel if scrumping referred only to apples.  “Well” he told me “When I was a boy I would scrump apples, pears, plums and cherries.”  This made me feel much better about my foraging. However I cannot blame the impetuosity of youth, just the devil-may-care of age.

11 thoughts on “Spent

  1. Like Helen Mirren, ha ha! I admire every stage of hydrangea flowers and usually keep a bunch of dried flowers in a vase through the winter. The colours are still amazing, though subdued: mauve, turqouise, silver.

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  2. You are right, I can’t think of another plant that just gives and gives like hydrandeas, outrageous flowers on some, discreet flowers on lacecaps, they climb, spread across, or just get bushy, They tolerate shade too. I used not to be very fond of them but have come to love their infinite variety.

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