Surely not another salvia?

IMG_4371 - Copy

Yes I’m afraid so and this salvia is once more irresistibly beautiful.  Here we have the shocking pink Salvia involucrata, a native of Mexico and sometimes known as the roseleaf sage.  What it lacks in hardiness it makes up for in vigour, growing up to 1.75m in a season before flowering.   Once it starts to bloom there is no stopping its profusion, providing a welcome blast of colour as the light diminishes. Cuttings have been taken as an insurance policy against its arch nemesis, the frost.  If this one makes it through the winter it will be even more superb next year.  If not, one of its greenhouse cosseted offspring will take its place.  The circle will be complete.

14 thoughts on “Surely not another salvia?

  1. Beautiful with the cosmos behind it. I’ve just brought a Tibouchina inside, as it will not survive temperatures less than 5 deg. C., and we might get those kinds of lows any time now.


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