I was meant to be working in Lavinia and Lionel’s garden today.  Yesterday I was due at The Farm and the day before Max’s was scheduled.   None of these obligations were completed.

At least I made it to Max’s.  Here I struggled on pathetically for an hour before throwing in the towel and staggered home, drooping tail between my leaden legs.  I was poorly.   Proper “not being able to get out of bed” poorly.  Of course it was just one of these virus malarkeys, but it was a truly mean and nasty one.  Firstly it replaced the skin on the back of my throat with acid infused sandpaper and neatly partnered this with a rasping hack.  It then swiftly moved down the alimentary canal to bring nausea and stomach cramps.  The inability to lift my head or keep my eyes open was exacerbated by a raging thirst that could not be quenched.  As these symptoms eased a little, it heralded the arrival of a Godzilla versus King Kong headache and I mean H E A D ache, every sinus in my cranium was imploding as they battled it out.  Faster than the Barnstaple to Exeter Express this shot down the track of my spine to linger in the lumber region, making lying or sitting painful and standing impossible.  Enough now before the word “mucus” or “phlegm” offends anyone.  I expect you get the picture.  I was poorly.

So what has this meant.  Well; no gardening (definitely a bad thing, I have missed being outside, my folk, my cake), no computer (not necessarily a bad thing, in fact a very good thing), lots of sleep (good, but being unconscious for 20 hours a day is not the most thrilling way to get through the week), a detox (also good, but perhaps you should do it for more than 3 days and now I need to build up my strength), an appreciation of my health and how important it is (much-needed and a fine lesson indeed).

This quince lives at L&L’s house.  Where I should have been today.  But I was poorly.

ps  You probably guessed, I am feeling much better.


30 thoughts on “Poorly

  1. Omigosh. I’m glad to hear you’re on the mend. Everyone here has colds, too; but not as bad as yours sounds. Whenever I get a cold, there is a tickling cough that hangs on and on. It goes into hiding, then shows up again when I attend a play and there is a lull in the dialogue. There I sit, eyes watering, fingers madly scrambling in my pockets for a cough drop. Horrible.

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  2. Oh dear.There is poorly and Proper Poorly.
    Glad you have PP under control and are on the mend
    Lots of lemon and honey is recommended
    Love from both here


  3. Oh dear. In between reading your symptoms I’m doubled up with laughter. Please don’t take this the wrong way but Mr Grumpy and myself can’t speak although I did manage to read your postponed gardening timetable to him. We SOS (send our sympathy) to you. We are glad you’re on the mend now. Take it easy tho these bends in the road sometimes have a whiplash reaction.


  4. Its so much harder when you work as a gardener to be ill than if you/one were loitering in office and could slide in to work then lay on a desk and get through the day. It does not work like that for folk with outside jobs. Don’t go back to work too soon either, better to be poor and fit than poorly and rich.


  5. Poor you that sounds horrid, Mr MC&W had something similar a few weeks ago and it’s taken him a while to get over it. Glad your feeling better but take it easy xx


  6. I’m so sorry to hear about this. You must be feeling better on account of the writing 🙂 but still, it sounds like the sort of illness that takes a bit longer to get over it completely.
    You have no choice but to rest for few more days (and cake is not recommended :0


  7. Oh you poor thing. There are some nasty viruses around at the moment. Or should that be viri? I’ ve had one too and I am just beginning to feel myself again after 2 or 3 weeks of being under the weather. Mind you, I haven’ t been staying in bed ‘ proper poorly’ like you. Just wading through cotton wool, sort of poorly. I should stay nice and warm for a bit longer if I were you. Sit by the fire and demand hot drinks and peeled grapes.


  8. Your symptoms are exactly what we had a few weeks ago, you have my sympathies. As you say sleep sleep and more sleep. I don’t want to worry you but ours took weeks for us to fully recover.. take care ….x


  9. I recommend cake, even if you are on the mend would you like me to post you a ginger loaf – they do travel! Take it easy and get well properly soon.


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