Into Each Life a Little Rain Must Fall


And it did.  And it wasn’t really a little.  Less shower, more downpour.  And I had left my waterproofs at home.  I know, “call yourself a professional” and all that, but I have not been my usual super-efficient self of late.   Mind you, I may have imagined that self.  The deluge began in earnest just as I was getting vicious with an out-sized cornus.  Perhaps it was for the best.  So I took my consumptive self inside to discuss plants and make plans with Max’s Dad for a couple of exhausting hours.  Looking through catalogues, googling, gossiping, swooning and dreaming, with me playing the devil on MD’s vulnerable shoulder.  Not a bad way to spend a morning.  Beats working for a living.  Mind you that cornus still needs some work, don’t think I’ve forgotten you!

9 thoughts on “Into Each Life a Little Rain Must Fall

  1. Sorry you got rained on, it’s never where you need it, continuous drizzle here and we wanted some heavy rain to wash off that gravel. And it seems that you made the best of it, one has to find time to plan.


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