Shift Work


We have been working in our garden today.  At different times of course.  We work in shifts as we cannot work together.  When we do we trip over each other and growl a lot.  It really isn’t worth the aggravation.  It works for us, in fact it is imperative for a happy home.  He does it his way, I do it mine and we have long since given up debating the issue.  Generally we meet somewhere in the middle.  But without fail, when I am finished, he tracks my travels with a broom and a tut.

This is the splendid Salvia curviflora known as the Pink Tehuacan Sage to its friends.   Another one of my tender associates which will need some protection when the weather eventually turns to cold.  Until that moment I will continue to enjoy its vibrant pink flowers with their pastel viper’s tongues.

16 thoughts on “Shift Work

  1. I think it’s the best; I need lots of space around when I work…But isn’t that nice to have someone sweeping after you? :)))
    This is a really pink Salvia! I mean, REALLY pink!


  2. Can’t think about who does what right now, too busy swooning over another of those gorgeous Mexican salvias – how many more little beauties are there out there?

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