There are no photographs to record my day.  This is an unusual event, I do love a photo opportunity.  It is true that I often abuse my camera, it is tricky not to get a little mud/cake/noxious substances on/in it when taking pictures whilst working in a garden.   Today, however, things were little extreme to attempt it, even for me.  The weather was so dire, with horizontal rain and an ever accelerating storm, that I daren’t remove it from its case, although I was tempted many times.  It did not help that it was safely nestled beneath layers of wool and waterproof and my hands were sheathed in gauntlets of sog.  So you won’t have any pictures of dismal workers rallying forth in the increasingly muddy garden, pruning, removing, dragging boughs like a trio of chain gangers. Instead I will share with you a photo taken on a more clement occasion and we can dream of such days to come.  This periwinkle is poking its head through a prostrate rosemary.  It might confuse the easily led.

13 thoughts on “Confuse

  1. Lovely combination of flower and leaf, strangely I have both periwinkle and rosemary flowering in my garden right now, though not close together. And mahonia which has never flowered earlier than February before now. Strange weather – and not very nice.


  2. Yet, again, our weather patterns are synchronized. We had an incredible storm yesterday–buckets of rain and gusts of wind. Our cat was very unhappy about this. I ventured out today and picked up a lot of debris, mostly big blades of grass from the Miscanthus.


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