Sea Buckthorn


There are certain subjects which are best not mentioned in my presence.  These range from “why  baked beans haven’t been outlawed”, “the horror of top crimped pasties” and “people who tut”.  My biggest bugbear however is the failings of municipal planting, most especially car parks.  More often than not these are unimaginatively designed and poorly maintained.  It would almost be better just to give up and slot in another parking space.  It might be less painful than watching perfectly good (if a little dull) shrubs slowly curl up and die.

The fruit laden tree above is a female Sea Buckthorn, Hippophae rhamnoides, planted with her male companion in the Landmark Theatre car park in Ilfracombe.  This is just meters away from the sea, which may explain the ravaged state of the bounteous crop, but a perfect choice for this position.  Nearby a large multi-stemmed arbutus, heavy with fruit and flowers, shows that this clever planting wasn’t just an aberration.  More of the same please.


14 thoughts on “Sea Buckthorn

  1. Car parks!! I stopped at Leigh Delamare yesterday, depressingly awful even though the sun was shining. A row of stunted trees did their best amidst the tarmac. There should be a law that says all car parks should have some beautiful butterfly and bee-friendly planting to soothe motorists on their way. It cannot be that difficult.


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