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It was a day in black and white.   When I found the odd nugget of colour, the odd tattered rudbeckia bloom, an ill at ease lavender flower, bloody stems of cornus, desperate acer leaves, all were diluted.  The sparse colour was faded and tired.  The wretched wind had sucked out the hues, the ravishing rain had diluted the shades.  All was monotone.

12 thoughts on “Monotone

  1. The pattern of the tree is fascinating, but it makes me sad when i compare the wintry plants going into their dismal period with aging people going into their dismal period. mrsdaffodil’s point is well taken though; it makes Spring all the more exciting.


  2. Very soon the winter solstice (22/23 Dec.?) is due, then it is almost spring! The days will be getting longer after that, until then I enjoy the drama of the winter and the less hectic gardening tasks. I am also a sucker for Christmas. I feel so sorry for people in the Antipodes that have no Christmas holidays to break up their winters. Tho’ I’m sure that if you have always known that Christmas comes in Summer it would be fun!


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