Rumble Fish


Many years ago I saw a film called Rumble Fish.  From memory, bearing in mind this was in the mid 1980’s and things are a little hazy, I can tell you the following.  It starred Mickey Rourke and Matt Dillon.  There were motorbikes and much angst.  It was very cool but a little too violent for my Disney tendencies.   Synonyms, allegories and general smartypants stuff abounded.  It was filmed in black and white except for the eponymous Rumble Fish who appeared in vivid, retina burning colour.

This diminutive, rose-flowered azalea flower was a beacon in the dull light of the mid winters day. It reminded me of that film.  Without the fighting.  Well not much anyway.

6 thoughts on “Rumble Fish

  1. I haven’t seen Rumble Fish, but one of my all-time favourite movies was “Pope of Greenwich Village”, made in 1984 and starring Mickey Rourke, Eric Roberts and Daryl Hannah. Glad to see your azalea flower glowing on a winter day. I’m glad it’s not fighting (much?).


  2. I remember the name but didn’t see the movie. I know Eric Roberts is Julia’s brother, and the last time I saw Daryl Hannah was in “Steel Magnolias”. I love movies; that’s what you get from growing up in Southern California. The azalea is beautiful. Welcome on a dreary day


  3. That’s a great colour to cheer us all up in all this horrible weather. Sorry I never saw Rumblefish, I really quite like motorbikes so long as they are not too noisy.


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