What a glorious day!

For a start the sun shone, admittedly it was intermittent but every beam was absorbed and stored in my sunshine bank.  We shuffled the extended border, digging up many of the plants and rearranging to give them more room and fill the gaps, pausing occasionally to appreciate the warmth of the rays.  This was a most satisfying and agreeable experience, we even found a missing astilbe, always a good thing.

Today there was a diverse assortment of bloomers in Bobbies’ garden, many that haven’t read the manual.  Roses, poppies, saxifrage and zantedeschia were all happily flowering alongside the usual December display of mahonia and cyclamen.  None, however, reflected the return-to-light more perfectly than this golden perennial wall flower.  It would make the brightest buttercup look dowdy. Although it has flowered for most of the year, it is now that it has come into its own, so deliciously hot you could run your underfloor heating off its energy.

Someone else thought that on the contrary, it was her that was the belle of the ball!  I am inclined to agree.


10 thoughts on “Belle

  1. Glad that you got some sunshine, two appealing brown eyes and some lovely blooms to boot. Still rearranging things at this time of year – I would not have dared in Yorkshire. It encourages me to think I should get digging out there tomorrow.


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