Life caught up with me today so you are going to have to make do with a photograph of a hellebore and no words.  As my mother would (and often does) say “you can like it or lump it”.  You may even prefer it.  Now I am worried that as I have let you down on the writing front you will realise that you would rather have a pretty picture and no ancillary waffle.  Well, needs must and I will have to take that risk.  Admittedly it is a rather lovely hellebore and I wouldn’t blame you.

7 thoughts on “Waffle

  1. Yes, a beautiful Hellebore, I love it when they start to bloom in gloomy weather. Hope you are having a better day today, your words are always welcome but a lovely picture will be liked whatever.


  2. Gorgeous Hellebore, I love them…… but don’t ever give up on the waffle, the photo’s are just the icing on a sumptuous cake (I’m trying to be good before the big festive blow out and I think it might be getting to me).


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