Conversations at the Farm

The week before Christmas I had a cunning plan.  Well not very cunning, but still a plan and not bad as plans go.

Me:  Shall I get something to go in the planters outside the office?  It will jolly things up for your guests who are coming to celebrate New Year at The Farm.  A few pretty flowers work wonders to lighten a gloomy day.

Mrs G:  Yes, good idea.

Time passes. Christmas comes and goes.  All is dandy. During the festive period I spend a happy half hour in a garden centre, selecting the brightest and best bedding plants without getting diverted by all the other sweeties in the shop.  This takes a lot of resolve.  Do not expect this self-control to last into 2016.

Yesterday I returned to work.

Me:  I got the plants, some lovely brightly coloured primulas.

Mrs G:  Are they orange? I dreamt about you and orange flowers.

Me:  Well a couple are, the others are pink, purple, yellow and white.

Mrs G: Fine.

Time passes.  I plant up the half barrels with said primroses, ensuring no two same colours are next to each other.  I carefully pack compost around them, water well and am pleased with the results.  The flower casualty is placed on the ledge above, so as not to waste its beauty.  I then went off to perform other super human gardening duties.

I return to base ready for my spam and marmalade sandwich.

Mrs G (in a state of joyful agitation):  They are wonderful!

Me: Puzzled look

Mrs G (still joyous):  They are real flowers!

Me: Even more puzzled look

Mrs G:  I didn’t think they would be real flowers, they look great.  I thought you were planting bulbs.

Me:  Sigh

See what I have to work with?

14 thoughts on “Conversations

    • Me too Judy. Only Gill could come up with that combination!! My garden has been flattened by Storm Frank today (cue the usual ‘outside in my slippers staking things I should have staked in October to prevent me from having to go outside in my slippers in a force 9 December gale’ activity). I actually cancelled a trip to Waitrose today because Wyevale is half way there and I knew I’d have to drop in on a mercy mission. See how my self control is improving? Happy New Year x


  1. I went to B&Q today to buy some curtain rings, but came home with some cascade Begonia tubers (‘Sunray’, orange) and Gladiolus murielae bulbs (as seen in one of your blogs). The planting urge does not seem to go away despite the weather, most of the tulips got planted! Happy New Year.


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