Lucky Heather


As my own boss (and might I say at this juncture that I have found myself to be exemplary in this role) I have given myself the whole month of January off.  Now before you all start tutting and back-chatting let me explain my reasoning.  I can, so I am going to.  It really is a simple as that.  Of course I have many noble pursuits planned for this extended holiday.  Actually I think I might call it a sabbatical, sounds much more refined and a bit clever.  So during my much deserved and extremely worthy sabbatical I will be:

  • Sharpening and oiling all my tools.
  • Getting all administration up to date.
  • Cataloguing photographs.
  • Sorting out the bottomless pit of my work bag.
  • Work in my own garden.
  • Sorting out the black hole of my handbag.
  • Clearing my wardrobe of superfluous (read “too tight”) items and taking then to the charity shop.
  • Ditto with books (except the “too tight” bit).
  • Dubbing working boots and secateur holster.
  • Dry out.
  • Catching up with friends that have been neglected.
  • Thinking about doing any of the above.

And when these things are complete I shall write my novel.  Don’t worry (or perhaps do) I will still be blogging.  So a Happy New Year to everyone.  I wish you all much courage, kindness and love. Here is some heather, I hope it proves lucky for you x

24 thoughts on “Lucky Heather

  1. I think the youngsters would say “well jel”. January and February are my months of doom, when I work every hour God sends and all I want to do is wind down after a crazy Christmas season. However it sounds like you have your work cut out with lots of very worthwhile tasks, many of which I dream about completing one day. My wardrobe is crammed with ‘superfluous’ clothes and my tools need a good seeing-to. I hope you complete everything quickly and get onto the novel ASAP as I imagine it would (will!) be brilliant and funny, like you. My only plea is to include a smouldering, handsome hero that Aidan Turner can play in the film adaptation. Thanks and Bon Chance!


  2. Make the most of it, me lovely!
    Look forward reading the novel. I will keep the month february free to make the dutch translation, ok?

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  3. What a good idea. You deserve it. If I were you I’ d ditch the first ones and concentrate on the last 3. And the novel of course. I think you should devote January to writing deathless prose, sitting in front of the fire, in your negligee
    By the way, do you really have a workbag? Throw it away, you’ ll feel much better..


  4. Sabbatical sounds grand .I am sure the fruits will be evident .
    Hmmm clothes to charity shop? When I have old clothes nobody would want them,even the dog looks askance at the old sweaters lining her bed
    Good luck!


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