Plan 763


The one line that is guaranteed to put fear into the souls of my illustrious clients is “I have had an idea”.   After the initial knee-jerk gasp of horror, one of the following occurs a) they change the subject, b) run for cover or c) start crying.  It is true that these plans often involve mud, sweat and more mud, and perhaps the odd tear. Mostly mud though.  I am not sure what all the fuss is about, it usually works out in the end.  “It is the journey” I tell them “not the destination”.  This doesn’t seem to help.

So you will be pleased to know that today I have had an idea that involves no mess whatsoever. One of the self-imposed tasks for this month is to catalogue my photographs*.  So to take full advantage of this monumental mission I will, as chaos becomes order, post photos from this confusion of shots. These pictures will undoubtedly be accompanied by some random musings and words of obscurity.

This photo is not from the archives, it was taken earlier in the week at The Farm.  It was about 3.30pm and the sky was already beginning to darken and a faint blush was appearing on the horizon.  The spent umbellifer heads formed a fine silhouette against the faintly clouded sky.

This picture has not been labelled and its fellows, the ones that do not come up to the mark and are destined for the bin, have not been deleted.  I will start tomorrow.  Honest.  Unless I get a better offer.

* Label the good ones, delete the embarrassing ones.

12 thoughts on “Plan 763

  1. It looks as though you are starting on your long list of things to do through January and it is only Saturday 2nd. Your To-Do list has a surprising amount in common with mine. Mr TT and I have only catalogued 2015 photos up to the middle of July so we have a way to go yet. Perhaps you can help monitor progress?


  2. Getting your photos sorted, now there’ s a novel idea. That makes more sense then messing about with your work bag. Do you have things like needle and thread and thimbles in there? Instruments of the devil, chuck them away. If something needs mending, or buttons sowing on, I throw it away or use safety pins.


    • No just stuff like pen knifes, pain killers, iPod, asthma inhaler, pens, notepad, diary, spare gloves, seed packets, seeds not in packets, notes from clients, receipts, plastic bags, tissues, one of those multi-tool things, work purse. Perhaps the odd petrified banana. I will find out later. You will be pleased to hear that I also regard sewing as the devil’s work. I have been known to sellotape hems up!


      • Oh that sort of workbag! Glad to hear it. Sounds just like my handbag.I thought you meant one full of bits of embroidery, thimbles, pins, needles and knicker elastic. I have an old gas mask tin of my grandmother’ s full of stuff like that but I haven’ t opened it for about 20 years.

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