Slog revisited


This is getting ridiculous.  I will have to speak to the Union.  First there were pygmy goat kids and a Devon Longwool lamb.  Next foil wrapped chocolate eggs in a multitude of colours.  Then sowing seed and potting on and pricking out whilst singing/dancing along to Abba in the greenhouse*. And all that all before lunch.  I am going to have to consider a change of career.

ps  If it makes you feel better, it has rained all day.

pps Sorry for poor photograph.  I don’t think I would ever make Wildlife Photographer of the Year. These darned critters move much quicker than most plants!

* Further to unsubstantiated rumours, Abba have not reformed and moved to North Devon.  I was actually listening to them on the greenhouse gramophone (or 21st century equivalent).

13 thoughts on “Slog revisited

  1. Variety is the spice of life, plenty to do while it is raining outside and you look too young to know what a gramophone is!


  2. I must protest! My sister was looking over my shoulder as I read, and I can say positively that this has induced a pygmy goat fit… in both of us, it must be admitted…
    Now, how many chocolate rabbits will you take for one? 😉


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