It was an indulgent day yesterday.  I reserved a whole day solely for working in my own garden.  An enormous bronze fennel was dug up and the space filled with a Grevillea victoriae that was waiting patiently in the wings.  Both the commonplace and more unusual were sown, unnamed tagetes, Papaver “Patty’s Plum”, Canna braziliensis and Alcea ficifolia.  I potted on any cuttings that survived a winter of neglect and dampness, and optimistically planted out a few over-winterers such as Geranium maderense.  It was a day to re-engage and remember.  The sun was warm and there was enough of a breeze to dry the washing that the weather forecast necessitated.  All this whilst being ably assisted by Fat Ol and Daisy, who nipped over from next door to purr and lounge in the fragrant warmth beneath the rosemary.

Today we have returned to torrential rain and howling winds.  Never mind, it gives me a chance to catch up with indoor chores.  The peace ruptured by the doorbell and a gentleman bearing a box full of treasure.  Not chocolate eggs this time, but horti goodies.  Packed into this package of potential were two types of galtonia, martagon lily bulbs and plugs of Asclepias tuberosa.  This is the very reason that I love spring, even the rainy days are great!

My garden is too small to house gunnera.  Well I suppose I could fit one in, but there would be little room for anything else.  This makes me appreciate all the more the Jurassic gunnera emerging at Trewidden Garden last week.  They will probably be enjoying the return of the wet weather more than most.

11 thoughts on “Gunnera

  1. Wow! Gentlemen never bring me such lovely boxes. I obviously don’ t know the right sort.
    My goodness, you Devonians can certainly grow gunnera. Our East Anglian efforts are pathetic, I don’ t know why we bother.
    Happy Easter Gill.


  2. Just unwrapped my gunnera as it’s youth meant it needed some mollycoddling but I don’t think it will ever look as good as the photo as we have too much lime in the soil.
    My martagon lilly …..well ……was it mice…field vole …slugs .I will keep my fingers crossed for yours.

    Happy Easter!

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  3. Seems like a very productive day 🙂 Love the Gunnera – indeed a too big plant for a small garden.
    It can be grown even here on the west coast (Vancouver area).

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