Beautiful Bellis


We took a slight detour on the way home today in order to walk through one of the local parks. It was sad to see the winter bedding looking forlorn, battered by a combination of excessive salty wind, unforgiving hail and relentless rain.  This Bellis perennis however was doing its best to draw attention away from the frazzled foliage and moth eaten blooms.  Although the water-logged heads hung heavily to face the sodden ground, the button holes of a million delicate petals on this rosy pink daisy saved the day.

12 thoughts on “Beautiful Bellis

  1. It reminds me of my long ago Latin lessons Neuter noun meaning war. Bellum, bellum, bellum, belli, belli, bello etc… If I remember rightly ‘bellis’ was plural ablative- by, with or from wars.
    But nothing war -like about this charming, unassuming little flower.


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