Lost in Translation


The rain lashed down and Young Mr G battled galantly against fuchsias and hailstones.  So impressed was I by this bravery, I took the tactical decision to leave him to it and undertake some greenhouse work.  Of course this is also very courageous, but in rather more understated way.

Mrs G was kindly gifted some assorted herb seed, most probably from Sasha Distel.   The more astute of you might have noticed that all the instructions are in French.  So for those of you who did not benefit from my exemplary education, here is a translation.

“When you get around to it find a pot, pack it nearly full with seed compost, sow some of the enclosed seed on the surface, sprinkle a little compost to cover, remember that you should have watered before you sowed the seed, water anyway and squidge the emerging seeds back into the compost, cross your fingers and hope for the best.”

As they say, voilà!  Luckily I am fluent in winging it.

15 thoughts on “Lost in Translation

  1. Very impressed by your wings but you left out the bit about Basil wanting to cuddle up to a cucumber .Just to stave off mildew ,you understand.

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