Rainy Day Mauves


Today it rained, proper rain that inhibited all hope of productive gardening, especially on a grassy hillside.  This rain was most welcome and extremely irritating in equal measures.  The ground is bone dry and the energetic new growth is desperate for some extra moisture, however I had ordered only night-time rain for the unforeseeable future.  The memo must have been mislaid.   I am sure I could hear weeds sniggering at our impotence.   Anyway, did we let this scupper our day?  I think not!  Myself and Max’s Dad headed off to Marwood Hill Gardens for inspiration, chocolate brownies and shopping. I am pleased to report all our tasks were satisfactorily completed.   As MD’s Silver Shadow was in the garage we had to use my Reliant Robin, an experience for all concerned, especially later when packing in purchases.  Under some strange pretext MD offered to drive on the way home, I wondered what all that screaming had been about on the journey out!

Just as we were leaving the Plant Sales area, that we had unfortunately stumbled upon, I noticed this Jovellana violacea climbing the wall.  The teacup flower is a Chilean charmer, delicate in form and nature.  Inside these bashful blooms is a yellow spotted throat, the hidden wild side.

11 thoughts on “Rainy Day Mauves

  1. Exquisitely beautiful. I don’ t think it’ s hardy here.
    The rain was quite welcome, we had it yesterday. But it never comes when it’ s ordered. I would have preferred to keep dry. I don’ t think you and I have enough influence up there.


  2. Proper, regular, night-time rain would be a very good thing, indeed. Your Chilean charmer is drop-dead gorgeous. It was very hard to look away from your photograph to write this comment.


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