I like working with people in the garden, I would say that I am naturally a team player.  Some days I yearn for solitude, but not often.  Today, usually for Max’s garden, I was on my own.  It was not a Greta Garbo day.  I felt a little bereft.  There was no one to plan with, bounce off, no one with whom to discuss complex ethical problems or argue about your favourite member of One Direction, or to enthuse with, or just be silly with.  The pigeons, who were making the most of Max’s absence, weren’t much fun at all, in fact they were pretty dull company.  So I weeded and daydreamed and weeded some more, waiting for the showers which never materialised.  Not a bad way to spend a few hours, but I did miss my boys.

As I haven’t quite completed a full year in this garden, this is my first experience of the many azaleas that grow here.  Pink, yellow, cerise, deep red, flushed whites and tango orange.  This dark leaved variety caught my eye, with its burnt amber buds.  I may have said it before, but I so love spring!

7 thoughts on “Alone

  1. Think mama and I fell in love with this very same one at The Bannut Garden today. It’s gorgeous.
    I’m more of a lone gardener myself, as long as the client’s there to provide coffee and cake, but sometimes the right person makes the work so much more fun.


  2. Azaleas come in such gorgeous colours, that one is a beauty. I like working alone in the garden, chatting to myself and to the plants. You can’ t do that when there are people around. They give you funny looks.

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