Something most peculiar happened today.  After a full day’s work at The Farm I came home (a little jaded, very muddy) and downloaded my photos. Except there weren’t any.  For some reason not one single picture was taken today.  True I was busy, but usually there is something that catches my eye, that is worthy of a snap.  And there was opportunity aplenty. Mr G being followed by one chicken and six ducklings.  Newly earthed up potatoes.  Apple blossom.  A JCB.  Something for everyone.  In the past this photographic hiatus was because I had left my camera at home, or it was being stored at the bottom of a pond.  But no, it was attached to my belt in the normal manner, close at hand.  But for some inexplicable reason I hadn’t reached for my trusty friend once all day.  Most peculiar.  So you will have to admire this cherry blossom from Max’s house.  I promise I will try harder tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Peculiar

  1. I agree with VP, though on the days I go outside without my phone or camera I feel I’ve had a vital organ removed! Can’t be good to be distracted by taking pictures all the time, and so often a camera doesn’t capture the whole scene anyway. That said, I love the cherry blossom Gill. Have a fab weekend. I have a date with a wayward Kerria tonight!

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