Communication is vital in the Client/Employee relationship*.  One of the main areas of contention is nomenclature.  Below is a typical conversation:

Me:  I thought we could plant the Lobelia siphilitica over where the Pinus sylvestris was.

Esteemed ClientsBlank looks, nervous side glances

Me sensing bewilderment:  The tall blue flower where the pine tree was.

Esteemed Clients:  Embarrassed smile, prolonged feet observation, one may have nodded off for a moment.

Me giving up all hope and using hand signals and illustrations:  You know the big tree that half fell down just after Christmas and the nice man with the chainsaw came and chopped it down completely, shall we plant some pretty flowers there?

Esteemed Clients:  Why didn’t you say that in the first place?

Me: Quite.

This is Clianthus puniceus ‘Rosea’, parrot’s beak, lobster claw, , glory pea.  Never mind, it is another pretty flower.

*As several of my Esteemed Clients read my blog, please be assured that this is an amalgam of several people, none of which is you.  You are just perfect, it is the others, honest, you are my favourite and can do no wrong.

16 thoughts on “Communication

  1. Of course, if a client appears discombobulated, you merely need to disambiguate the situation and all will be well. Maybe they thought the plant you were talking about was actually a nasty disease!

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  2. You have clients, I have Him Indoors! I just say things like “do you like the red ones dear?”, “pass me the green sprouty things in the black pot please”. Occasionally I get a grunt before he picks the paper up again. Love the clianthus. Every time I have tried to grow one the snails take it upon themselves to devour it in one sitting 😕

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    1. Malvern Man is red/ green blind. He actually could be flower blind. Fortunately he does not even offer to help in MY garden! It’s recently been discovered he’s happy to accompany me to a garden if there’s cake.

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  3. Oh deary me that would probably be me, if I was ever lucky enough to be ‘an esteemed client’. Wonderful, I wil now go and google the plant names so I know what you are up to!


  4. I had to Google the plant and see that it is hardy and grows from seed, what a gem. Mr TT currently working on outdoor projects and the words ‘Rose Arch’ and ‘Trellis’ keep escaping my lips, now I just have to consider the snails as advised by TFG.


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