Star Turn


We had celebrity visit today at Max’s.  It was a gentleman who knows a lot and is not shy to share this information.  His encyclopaedic knowledge and unfettered opinions filled in some gaping holes in our plant identification.  He also confirmed that many were unusual specimens in the garden. Which of course is good, but it is also bad.  Very nice to know it is special.  Not so good is the increased pressure to protect these plants.  Some are positioned very awkwardly, not in the best place for them to thrive but too large to move easily.  Several are very tatty looking and situated in prime positions.  The Moral Maze ……….

8 thoughts on “Star Turn

  1. With everything filling in so nicely in my garden, I’m facing the same dilemma. Imagine that tree peony in future years when it is pressing up against the Miscanthus. Or the Romneya coulteri pressing up against the Calamagrostis. Which plants will win out? In another two years, will even the strongest young man be able to scale back those ornamental grasses? Honestly, I lay awake at night pondering these questions.


  2. So? Spill ! What is the best unusual specimen that you didn’t know about before the ‘celebrity’s’ visit ?


    1. Mainly old and rare varieties of azalea and rhodys including a Loderi. A couple of evergreen magnolias (were michelias) as well as the others that we knew like the Embothrium and Ilicium and Schima, oh and a Vaccinium cylindraceum. Sorry about spelling, can’t be bothered to look them up. Terrible attitude!!!


  3. I can see that your propagating talents might be put to good use so that you have some of those rarities in reserve. How exiting to know that Max has these unusual plants. Lovely photo again.


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